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Date: 13th May 2016
Sinoway Industrial Co.,Ltd is a famous China oxytocin manufacturer and supplier,Website:, welcome to buy GMP and EP oxytocin from us and check the price with us.1.Basic information of Oxytocin:1) Product name: Oxytocin Acetate2) Cas. No. 50-56-6 , EINECSNo: 200-048-43) Molecular Formula: C43H66N12O12S2,4) Molecular Weight 1007.25) Quality standard: EP/USP,COS6)Appearance :white powder2. CoA of Oxytocin (EP8)ItemsStandardResultsCharacterAppearanceWhite or almost white powderWhite powderSolubilityVery soluble in water. It dissolves in dilute solutions of acetic acid and of ethanol (96%)Conform2. IdentificationHPLCRetention time conforms to that of referenceConform3. TestpH3.0-6.05.0Water (KF)?5.0%1.4%Related substanceIndividual ?1.5%Together ?5.0%0.4%1.0%Amino acidsAspGluProGlyLeuIleTyrHalf-Cys0.90~1.100.90~1.100.90~1.100.90~1.100.90~1.100.90~1.100.70~1.051.40~2.10ConformConformConformConformConformConformConformConformAcetic acid6%-10%6.9%Bacterial endotoxins<300 IU/mgConformBacterial count?100CFU/g<10 CFU/g4. Assay93.0%~102.0%98.5%5. Activity?480IU/mg535 IU/mgConclusionIt conforms to EP8.0 and USP37.Storage: protected from light, at a temperature of 2?C to 8?C.3.Usage of Oxytocin:a) For stimulation of uterus contractions to facilitate parturitionb) Promotes milk let down in cases of agalactia4.Shipment terms :Oxytocin should be keep in a cool (2-8?C) ,so it needrefrigerated transport with ice5.Storage:a cool(2~8 degree) & dry place protected from light, keep package close when not in use.
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