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Date: 21st May 2016
Fish Collagen
Sinoway Industrial Co.,Ltd is a famous China fish collagen manufacturer and supplier,Website:, welcome to buy GMP and EP fish collagen from us and check the price with us.1.IntroductionFish Collagen is the primary structural protein found in the connective tissues in the body, including the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. But with aging,peoples own collagen is losing gradually, we need to reinforce and keep health according to absorption from man-made collagen. Collagen can be extracted from Skin or Gristle of fresh Marine fish , Bovine, Porcine, and Chicken ,in the form of powder,so its very edible. Take different techniques, there are Hydrolyzed Collagen, Active Collagen, Collagen Peptide, Geltin and so on.Basic information of Fish collagen :Product Name:Fish Collagen PowderSource: Fish skin or Fish scaleGrade:Food Grade and Cosmetic GradeProtein:?90%Appearance:White or light yellowpowderMolecularWeight:1000-3000DA3. Application :(1) Collagen can be used as healthy foods; it can prevent cardiovascular disease;(2) Collagen can serve as a calcium food;(3) Collagen can be used as food additives;(4) Collagen can be widely used in frozen food, beverages, dairy products, candy, cakes and so on;(5) Collagen can be used for special populations (Menopausal women);(6) Collagen can be used as food packaging materials3.COA (specifications ) of Fish scale collagen powderItermsStandardResultColorWhite or light yellow powderConformsOdorNo smellConformsImpurityNo visible exogenous impurityConformsStacking Density0.27Protein?90.0 %98.5 (Dry basis)PH (5% water solution)5.00 - 7.506.13Ash?2.00.88Moisture?8.003.13Pb?0.50 mg/kgConformsAs?0.50 mg/kgConformsHg?0.50 mg/kgConformsCr?1.00 mg/kgConformsCd?0.10 mg/kgConformsTotal plate count?1,000CFU/g<10CFU/gYeast&Mold?50CFU/g?10CFU/gColiforms?0.4MPN/g?0.3MPN/gPathogenic bacteriaNegativeNegative
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