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Date: 13th May 2016
Azelaic Acid
Sinoway Industrial Co.,Ltd is a famous China azelaic acid manufacturer and supplier,Website:, welcome to buy GMP and EP azelaic acid from us and check the price with us.Basic information ofAzelaic AcidNameAzelaic AcidCAS123-99-9EINECS204-669-1Molecular FormulaC9H16O4Molecular Weight188.22QualityStandardIn-House Standard,99%Package Size25kg/drumBrief IntroductionAzelaic acid is industrially produced by the ozonolysis of oleic acid. The side product is nonanoic acid. It is produced naturally by Malassezia furfur (also known as Pityrosporum ovale), a yeast that lives on normal skin. The bacterial degradation of nonanoic acid gives azelaic acidUse of Azelaic Acid:Cosmetic:1. Treat mild to moderate acne, both comedonal acne and inflammatory acne.2. Decrease the production of keratin,which is a natural substance that promote the growth of acne bacteria.3. treat the skin pigmentation including melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.COA ofAzelaic Acid:ITEMSSPECIFICATIONRESULTSDESCRIPTIONWHITE TO SLIGHTLY YELLOW MONOCLINE RHOMBUS CRYSTALLINE,NEEDLE CRYSTALLINE POWDERCOMPLIESIDENTIFICATIONPOSITIVEPOSITIVECLARITY AND COLOUR OF SOLUTION5ML 1% 1N NaOH SOLUTION IS COLOURLESS AND CLEARCOMPLIESCHLORIDES?0.005%<0.005%SULFATES?0.025%<0.025%HEAVY METALS?0.001%<0.001%FE?0.002%<0.002%ASSAY?99.0%99.76%PARTICLE SIZE100%<50UM,MIN30%<30UMCOMPLIESCONCLUSION:THE PRODUCT MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS
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