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Date: 21st May 2016
Sinoway Industrial Co.,Ltd is a famous China arbutin manufacturer and supplier,Website:, welcome to buy GMP and EP arbutin from us and check the price with us.1.Discription of Arbutin?Product Name:alpha-arbutin/ Beta-arbutinCAS: 84380-01-8 (alpha-arbutin)CAS: 497-76-7 (Beta-arbutin)Molecular Formula: C12H16O7Molecular Weight: 272.25Purity: ?99%Appearance: White crystal powderUsage: Used in advanced skin-whitening cosmetics.6.COA of 99.5% Beta-Arbutin CAS:497-76-7:ItemSpecificationAppearanceWhite crystalline powderAssay99.5%MinMelting point199~201?0.5?CClarity of water solutionTransparency, colorless, none suspended matterspH value of 1% aqueous solution5.0~7.0Specific optical rotation[?]D20=-66?2?IPV1515cm-11220cm-11050cm-1?(5~8) cm-1Arsenic?2 ppmHydroquinone?10 ppmHeavy metal?10 ppmLoss on drying?0.5%Ignitionresidue?0.5%PathogenBacteria:?300cfu/g Fungus:?100cfu/gConclusionComforms to the standard7.Application of Arbutin :1)cosmetic usage: skin whitening, anti- age effect and UVB/ UVC filtera. Action Mechanism:Arbutincan effectively inhibit the formation of melanin and the hyperpigmentation which caused by ultravioletradiation. So it can be used to whiten skin, prevent the production of fliver spots and freckles, treat sunburn and regulate melanogenesis.b. Application Methods:Added to advanced cosmetics which function is lightening skin, sunscreen and dispelling freckle.c. Reference Addition:0.5~3%2)medical usage: an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agenta.ingredients for burnsdrugs :Arbutin is a newmain ingredient forburns drug, characterized by rapid analgesic, anti-inflammatory and strong, rapid elimination of swelling, heal quickly, leaving no scars.b. ingredients for intestinal anti-inflammatory drugs:bactericidal, anti-inflammatory effect, non-toxic side effects.
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